Baby Sage

Salvia ‘Baby Sage’

Salvia ‘Baby Sage’ ( microphylla) : this is a small rounded, dense subshrub.Growing only 40-60 cm H.It is often mistaken for ‘Miss Scarlett’, but the flowers and leaves are smaller.
Salvia 'Baby Sage'
Salvia ‘Baby Sage’

Salvia ‘Baby Sage’  often looks like a ball or mound.

Flowers are small, watermelon coloured, semi tubular in shape. This plant is almost always in flower, very floriferous over the whole plant. Bees loves these flowers and small Eastern Spinebill will often try their luck with trying to get nectar. The flowers are smaller than ‘Miss Scarlett’
Leaves are small, oval to lineal, with slightly undulating edges with very small crenulations. Mid green with only the mid rib showing and a blunt tip. Again smaller than ‘Miss Scarlett’

‘Baby Sage’  is a tough hardy, long lasting small shrub that is excellent for a small garden. It grows well as a border or rounded mounds in the garden or in a pot on a balcony. It clips very well and makes a fine hedge. Some have shaped this plant into balls in pots. A very effective way of growing this plant.

Grows well in full sun in the summer heat or winter cold, and will withstand a light frost.
Only once or twice a year do these neat small shrubs need a clip to neaten; usually in autumn after the summer growth and again in spring when the new growth often wilts on those  first hot days in spring. The new growth will be more sustainable for the up coming hot summer.

Propagation is usually by tip cuttings which can be  easily taken most of the year. Very bee and butterfly friendly.

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