Salvia 'Baby Doll'

Salvia ‘Baby Doll’

Salvia ‘Baby Doll’ ( mic): A small compact subshrub 40-60 cm H
for a sunny position to brighten up a garden, with pale pink flowers and brown calyces.
Salvia 'Baby Doll'
Salvia ‘Baby Doll’











Salvia ‘Baby Doll’ will brighten up a dull garden with it’s illuminescent pale pink flowers

Flowers: are a very pale pink colour with a brownish calyx.  The hood is white with pink hairs, the bottom lobe is pale pink, with a prominent white beeline, whilst  other two smaller lobes are white. Flowering for most of the year,  attracting bees and other pollinating insects.
Flowers are held above the foliage to attract passing insects.

Calyces: The brownish calyces are ribbed giving the flowers  a certain luminescent  look and certainly add to it’s charm.

Leaves are  a broad, midgreen oblong typical microphylla type leaf with small crenulations along the edges.

Salvia ‘Baby Doll’ is a beautiful neat small shrub for either the front of the bed or in an informal border in a sunny position. It’s pale colour certainly lights up a garden bed. This gorgeous pale pink colour pars well with  cornflower blue flowers or nearby  vivid purple coloured perennials.

Liking a full sun position, it tolerates the winter cold and light frosts. Prune back at the end of summer or autumn, by cleaning out any dead or twiggy growth. Cut back to a good green bud, feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool during summer.

This is an easy plant to grow, being very insect, bee and butterfly friendly. Easily propagated by tip cuttings which can be taken most times of the year.

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