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Salvia aurea

Salvia  aurea: is a medium shrub, approx 2m x 2m. from Sth Africa. A dense shrub with grey leaves and large terracotta flowers.

Salvia aurea
Salvia aurea

Salvia aurea: can also be known as Salvia africana lutea.

Flowers: are an unusual terracotta colour. Starting as a pale yellow bud, then gradually colouring to a wonderful orange colour. The flowers are large and falcate in shape. Not only is the hood large but the opening between the lower lobe and hood is large, showing lovely markings on the lower lips. These often look like a butterfly just coming out of a chrysalis.

Calyces: are vase shaped, often a very dark colour. All these colours contrast beautifully with the grey or green of the leaves. Flowers appear late winter through spring and into early summer.

Leaves: can be either green or grey. They are round, almost spherical in shape, undulating and fragrant. Some forms have green leaves, while others have grey leaves.

Coming from Sth Africa Salvia  aurea is a really tough shrub. A hardy plant for dry summer heat and winter cold, tolerating  frosts well.

Positioning: A perfect large shrub to plant in a sunny position at the back of the bed. It forms quite a dense round shrub that clips well, so can used for screening, a hedge or a feature shrub especially in a white or grey garden.

Grow as a hedge behind grass clumps and brightly coloured ground covers. This Salvia  looks good in front of a dark green bank of shrubs.

Well grown hedges can deter rabbits and larger animals. Bees, insects and small Honeyeaters love these flowers.

Planting: Usually S. aurea is not fussy about soils, but prefers the position to be well drained. Mulching helps to keep the root area cool during the hot summer months.

Propagating: is easily done by taking  tip cuttings through out the year.