Salvia aurea prostrata

Salvia aurea prostrata

Salvia aurea prostrata :has  grey / silvery leaves, forming a good dense ground shrub. Grows to approx 40-60 cm H with terracotta coloured flowers in spring.
Salvia aurea prostrata
Salvia aurea prostrata

Salvia aurea prostrata has a growth habit with a layering structure (similar to Viburnums).

Flowers are slightly smaller than the parent and a slightly pinker hue of terracotta. Interesting markings on the lower lip  are there to  guide the bees and insects into the flower.  The calyx is vase shaped, with some colouring at the end of the lobes. Flowering occurs  from late winter through spring and into summer.
Leaves are small , rounded or lanceolate and grey with a blunt pointed tip. Stems are well clothed with leaves.

Salvia aurea  prostrata makes an interesting low ground cover shrub in front of the bed for a hot spot in full sun.  Although not flat on the ground, it forms more of a grey mound. Not fussy about soil, but it does need good drainage.
A tough, hardy low shrub for coastal areas in  hot sunny positions, the winter cold and frosty pockets.

This Salvia blends well with other silver and grey leaf shrubs and perennials in a white garden bed. Planting this Salvia with other strong coloured purples, blues and  yellow flowers will contrast well  with the terracotta colour of the  flowers and grey leaves.

The gorgeous large flowers certainly attract small Honeyeaters, bees, butterflies and other insects during those sunny days.

Like the other forms of Salvia aurea prostrata,  also clips very well, making a nice low hedge or mound. Grown in full sun, the shrub will remain dense, especially if regularly trimmed.

At least once a year clean the shrub out of any dead branches , old wood and twiggy stems. If the plant needs a good prune, then cut the stems back to a good green bud, making sure there are enough leaves  so the plant doesn’t go into shock and die.

Propagate S. aurea prostrata by tip cuttings taken at any time of the year.


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