Salvia apiana

Salvia apiana

Salvia apiana : an erect shrubby perennial from California, growing to 1mH. Grey fragrant leaves and white butterfly flowers for a sunny position.


Here in Australia, we find Salvia apiana hard to grow and propagate. We have to find just the right position to keep it happy. When this wonderful plant  finds the right spot, it can grow quite shrubby and dense. But due to its difficulty to propagate, this Salvia  is not often available.

Flowers are a pure white, almost looking like a butterfly  with the stamens beautifully exserted. The calyx is a silvery grey white with a mealy finish. Flowers appear in late spring continuing through the summer months and well into  autumn. Bees and butterflies absolutely love these flowers.
Leaves are thick textured, silvery white colour,  the edges are  very finely crenulated. These appear sparsely positioned along the stem. The leaves have a strong fragrance,  stems are also silvery white with a mealy finish.

Par the silvery coloured leaves of S. apiana with other strong  purple , blue and cerise coloured shrubs and perennials. It also blends well with other white and pastel themed gardens.

Grow S.apiana  in full sun and very good drainage, mulch well to keep a cool root area. It’s not too fussy about the soil so long as it’s well draining.  This is a plant for hot dry summer conditions, but will tolerate frosts and the cold winter months  with good drainage.

Propagation: Because the stem is hollow, and the position of the nodes  are placed around the stem, this makes propagation very difficult. Stems  must be placed in a  free draining medium to prevent rotting. Young shoots and new growth are best for tip cuttings.
Often it is best to grow this Salvia from seed.
Not always available.


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