Salvia 'Annie B'

Salvia ‘Annie B’

Salvia  ‘Annie B’ : is a cross between S. leucantha and S. ‘Anthony Parker’ found locally in Victoria. A medium perennial 1mH with mauve woolly flowers.
Salvia 'Annie B'
Salvia ‘Annie B’

Salvia  ‘Annie B’  can be easily mistaken for ‘Anthony Parker’, except for the furriness  and colour of the flowers and the calyx. Growing to approx 90 -1mH with a more upright habit.

Flowers  are quite furry, just like velvet, magenta purple in colour. The hood is furry, extending down onto the tube. Calyces are very furry with a darker mauve/ purple colouring. Purple coloured flowering stems  are held above the foliage,  facing in  one direction. Autumn sees the beginning of the flowering season. They continue through most of winter till the beginning of spring .

Leaves are a mid green, not as slender as S. leucantha,  but not as wide as ‘Anthony Parker.  All stems are well clothed.

Salvia  ‘Annie B’ is a  good tough plant for summer heat , winter cold, and light frosts.
Grown en masse, it makes a wonderful sight along a driveway or a wide garden bed. This looks good  with the white  S. leucantha ‘Velour’ and other pale pink shrubs and perennials. Other bright colours of yellows or crimsons contrast well with these woolly flowers.
Best grown in a sunny position in good friable well drained soil.
Both bees, butterflies and other insects love these flowers.

When new growth appears at the base in late spring/ early summer , then Prune the old stems down. The new growth will revitalize the  plant.  Fertilize and mulch well round the root area.
Easily  propagated from tip cuttings taken from new growth in early summer.


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