Salvia 'Angel Wings'

Salvia ‘Angel Wings’

Salvia ‘Angel Wings’: A beautiful small bushy shrub, 60 x 80cmH. with frilly pale pink flowers, that flowers all year.

Salvia 'Angel Wings'
Salvia ‘Angel Wings’

Salvia ‘Angel Wings’  is a beautiful plant, flowering all year.

Flowers are a soft pink, almost white  with a slight halo along the bottom lip. The hood and side lobes are a lovely baby pink. Calyces are a dark green/purple colour, making this plant very attractive to all who see the plant in flower.
Flowering begins in spring, continuing through the hot summer months into autumn and even through the colder months of winter.

Leaves are a broad typical microphylla type leaf with a pointed tip. A a good midgreen colour, but thin textured. Veins are quite visible with small soft  crenations along the margins.

Salvia ‘Angel Wings’ should be planted in a sunny position at the front of the bed, either as a border along a path or in front of a hedge which would make a stunning display of colour. Even one plant adds enough colour to a dull garden area.
Bees, small butterflies, moths and other insects are constantly buzzing around these flowers.

This tough hardy plant, survives the  hot summer conditions, winter cold well and even tolerating light frosts. Mulch well to keep the root area cool during the summer and warm during the cold winter months.

Pruning can be a light trim  throughout the year if growing a hedge.  Cut back properly in autumn by cleaning out old wood and twiggy stems. Always cut back to a good green bud.
The new growth will be sustainable for the winter months. Flowers will appear shortly after the growth has matured.

S.’ Angel Wings’ is easily propagated is by tip cuttings, taken most of the year.


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