Salvia amplifrons

Salvia amplifrons

Salvia amplifrons : is an upright open shrub growing 1-1.2mH with white flowers. Enjoys a sheltered shady position under trees.
Salvia amplifrons
Salvia amplifrons

Salvia amplifrons originated in Bolivia / Argentina in moist cloud forests high up in the mountains.

Flowers are white, small and tubular, appearing in dense whorls all along the green flower stem. Calyces are a pale green which sets off the white flowers nicely. Each lobe is flared and pointed .
Flowers are produced late winter/ spring. Shy to flower until established. One of the few medium sized  white flowered Salvias for a shady position.
Leaves are large in a broad cordate shape,  a fresh green colour. Predominately veined with very small crenations along the margins and long green petioles.

Salvia  amplifrons needs a shady/ semi shaded position with protection from frost . Best grown in the middle of the bed among other shade loving shrubs or at the front if growing under trees. The white flowers mix nicely with other purples and pink flowering shrubs near by.
Both bees and small Honey Eaters have a lovely time  entering the flowers trying to find  the nectar.

In summer, cut back old stems and any dead wood. Any young stems should be regularly tip pruned to encourage bushy growth. It may also be prone to attack by small snails and white butterflies which cause a lot of damage to the leaves.

Propagation is by tip cuttings. These need to be taken before flowering.
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