Salvia ampelophylla

Salvia ampelophylla

Salvia ampelophylla  : is a tall erect open shrub 2mH from the Andes with trusses of bright blue flowers.
Salvia ampelophylla
Salvia ampelophylla

Salvia ampelophylla was originally known as S.amethystina

Flowers are a  bright blue with a large white blotch in the throat, semi tubular, set in whorls on long pedicels around the stem. Calyces are green with dark tips, ribbed and slightly compressed when still a bud.
Flowering in  spring/ early summer, it provides a bright blue splash of colour
Leaves are a lovely fresh green broad cordate shape. Small crenations are set along the margins, well veined. Rub the leaves to release  a pleasant fragrance.

Salvia  ampelophylla can be shy to flower until established.
Coming from St America, this Salvia can behave as an annual in our cold climate during winter. But, by growing this tender shrub in a semi shaded warm sheltered position , it should be ideal for good growth.
Although it is frost tender and can be  easily lost during the cold winter months. By mulching the root area well and nestling among other tall shrubs, it should enjoy such a position..
This plant does not like  hot, dry conditions during the summer months, but will grow nicely if grown in  a shady grove in amongst other shrubs and deciduous trees.

When S.  ampelophylla  does flower, it makes a stunning splash of colour in the garden, complimenting other bright pinks  near by. This accentuates the brightness of the blue/purple  flowers.

Propagation:  easily taken from tip cuttings. These should be taken before the plant flowers and the onset of cooler months to ensure  there are plant for the next season.
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