Salvia amarissima

Salvia amarissima

Salvia amarissima: This is a gorgeous mid height shrub from Mexico. Growing  1- 1.2mH with a dense open branched growth habit and blue flowers with a hint of mauve.

Salvia amarissima
Salvia amarissima

S. amarissima  is a medium shrub perfect for a semi shaded position.

Flowers are a mid blue with a hint of mauve and semi tubular.  Hoods are  blue/ mauve at the tip, the throat and base of the hood are white.  The bottom lobe is large, fanning out , acting as a landing strip for bees. Flowers are held in numerous whorls of 3 or 4 around a green stem, which is held high above the foliage to grab passing insects. Flowering is quite prolific, beginning in late summer through  autumn and into winter.
Leaves are dark green,  a broad heart shape, slightly hairy and well veined. Leaves develop a burnished colour in the colder months adding to their attractiveness.

Salvia  amarissima can be grown in the shade or semi shade. If grown in a sunny position, then give it some shelter and mulch the root area to keep cool. In exposed sites, it can be frost tender but still tolerates the colder months of winter well. The leaves take on a lovely burnished colouring.
S. amarissima is perfect to grow behind a small hedge or with other smaller plants in the fore ground. This lovely open shrub grows well under deciduous trees and among other taller shrubs.

Pruning is usually done in early spring, by cutting the stems down after flowering when loads of new shoots begin to appear at the base.
An easily grown  plant as an understory shrub for a semi shaded grove.  As the flowering period is so long, there is ample time to attract bees, moths, butterflies and other pollinating insects hungry to find that nectar.

Propagated by tip cuttings which  can be taken any time of the year.


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