Salvia 'Amante'

Salvia ‘Amante’

Salvia ‘Amante’: is a upright open shrub from Sth America, 2-3mH with beautiful crimson tubular flowers in late summer till autumn.

Salvia 'Amante'
Salvia ‘Amante’

Salvia ‘Amante’ when imported from Argentina, was to be sister to S. ‘Amistad’

Flowers: are tubular and crimson. The hood is roughly the same size as the bottom lobes. Crimson hairs are found over the hood, but much paler beneath; a pale stripe can be seen on the top which corresponds with the beeline on the bottom lobe.

The 2 side lobes being long and narrow, are rolled over to open up the throat area. The middle lobe is small and curled under to allow birds easy access to the throat area. It’s not just birds but also bees and pollinating insects  that visit these flowers.

Flowers are held in whorls of 4 flowers at regular intervals on a  15-20cm flower stem with the flowers appearing gradually until they are all open. Flowers are held above the foliage to attract passing birds and insects.

The main flowering season would be in summer and autumn. If grown in a protected position, the season would continue into early winter.

Calyces: are green, but often colouring towards the end of the pointed lobes. While still in bud, these seem to be flat and pointed, until ready to open. When the flowers have finished, they will fall off leaving a green stem which needs to be cut off.

Leaves: are broad lanceolate to cordate, a bright green, well veined and small crenations along the edges. A long petiole holds the leaves to the stem. Most stems are well clothed.

Salvia ‘Amante’ is a lovely addition to a garden, brightening up a dull corner. As it is frost tender, it is best planted among other shrubs that will give protection.

Although it will grow in  dappled shade or a shady position, ‘Amante’ will grow just as well in a protected sunny position. Can grow beneath a deciduous tree or among other leafy shrubs.

After the main flowering season has finished, then the shrub needs tidying, cutting out any dead or twiggy stems. Cut most of the stems down by half to encourage new growth. New basal growth  may appear at this time. Feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool during the hot dry summer season.

Propagation: Tip cuttings can be easily taken at any time during the year.

Note: Not available from the Group as this Salvia has PBR statice. Only available from Nurseries.

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