Salvia 'Celestial Blue'

Salvia ‘Allan Chickering’

Salvia  ‘Allan Chickering’: A lovely upright open shrub to 1 x 1m, being a cross  between S. clevelandii X leucophylla. This is  extremely similar to  ‘Celestial Blue’ .

Salvia 'Allan Chickering'
Salvia ‘Allan Chickering’

Salvia ‘Allan Chickering’ is a hybrid found in Nth America.

Flowers are sky blue, in layered whorls around the stem. The stamens are exerted, showing the parentage of S. clevelandii.
Each whorl is made up of numerous grey/ purple calyces, bright sky blue flowers that open wide to allow the bees in to the nectar. A bract at the base holds it all together.
There are multiple whorls along the long coloured flower stem. These stems colour up nicely to a crimson, contrasting with the smokey grey of the calyces.
Flowering can occur for most of the year, from spring through summer into autumn.
Leaves are the same shape and colour as S. leucophylla.  Being thin and lineal with conspicuous crenulations along the edges like the parent. These leaves have the wonderful scent of S. clevelandii which has a lovely fruity aroma.

Coming from California, Salvia ‘Allan Chickering’ is a tough, hardy  Salvia.. Being more robust than either of it’s parents, it grows into a nice compact shrub. But needs full sun and good drainage to grow well.

Place  S. ‘Allan Chickering’ in the front or centre of the bed so it can stand out when in full flower. If grown in a group of three or along the edge of a path in a line, it makes a stunning display. A gorgeous plant for any sunny garden.

This is a plant for hot dry sunny areas. Whilst  being winter hardy, it tolerates  frosts well. The rule of thumb is; that most grey leaf  plants grow well in hot dry summers which will also tolerate heavy frosts.

With so many open flowers, bees, butterflies and other insects are often seen buzzing all over the flowers.

Propagation is by tip cuttings of new growth only. taken in spring and autumn. By clipping the shrubs regularly.this will promote new growth. This will allow the  opportunity  for more cutting material available.


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