Salvia 'Alice'

Salvia ‘Alice’

Salvia  ‘Alice’: This is a  cross (by John Fischer) between an unlikely pair, S. dorisiana and   S. greggii ‘Alba’.  A compact medium shrub to 1.5mH. with pretty pink flowers.
Salvia 'Alice'
Salvia ‘Alice’

Flowers are a beautiful clear cerise colour; a semi  tubular corolla, all on a elongated flower stem. A white throat and an upturned cerise stigma emerging from the hood .
Calyces are ribbed, coloured on the exposed side with pointed lobes. Flowering begins in spring continuing through to autumn.
Leaves are long, lanceolate  shaped with serrated edges, a lovely light green with a fruit salad fragrance , but not furry.

Salvia ‘Alice ‘ is a medium shrub to 1.2mH, so grows well in the middle of  the garden bed with other shrubs. When in flower it makes a stunning splash of pink colour, which brightens up a dull garden area.

Although winter hardy, it is frost tender, so it is best grown in a sunny sheltered position among other shrubs.  As a medium bushy shrub that has a lovely rounded shape, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. When flowering is finished, cut out any dead or weak stems and just trim lightly to keep it’s rounded conical shape.

Whilst flowering during autumn, the bees, butterflies and other insects are really attracted to the pink flowers.

Easily propagated by tip cuttings, taken any time of the year
Not always available


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