Salvia algeriensis

Salvia algeriensis

Salvia  algeriensis: is an annual, growing to 60cmH.from Algeria , and Nth Africa. A pretty plant,  sending up central stems of open panicles of pretty blue/ mauve flowers with dark calyces.
Salvia algeriensis
Salvia algeriensis

Flowers are a large falcate shape. The large ribbed hood is  a beautiful pale blue/ mauve colour  with the bottom lip being a paler blue or white with intricate dark markings to guide the bees into the flower. Flowers appear in spring, continuing  through the hot summers into to autumn. The flowers on multiple stems are held well above the foliage to catch passing insects.
Leaves area bright green, long basal leaves in a rosette type formation with smaller leaves along the stem.

As an annual, Salvia algeriensis, comes up in spring. Growing quickly, it produces a basal rosette type of growth, then sends up  a number of flowering stems. Although these stems are green, the buds and calyces are very dark, almost black in colour. Emerging from these dark ribbed calyces are a number of  beautiful pale 2 tone blue flowers .  All this happens  with one growing season.

After the bees and other pollinating insects have found the nectar, big fat seeds are produced., these then drop to the ground and the whole process begins again.

Coming from the Middle Eastern regions, this Salvia has to survive with hot days and very cold night temperatures. To grow with in these harsh elements, these Salvias need good drainage and mulch to keep their root area cool. To have a good sturdy plant that flowers and sets seed well, they need full sun.
A lovely pretty Salvia planted en masse  in the front of the bed for a good show of flowers. This splash of pale blue colour certainly livens up a dull garden bed.

Grown only  from seed. Sometimes small new shoots can be taken from the side of the rosette of leaves in late spring  to help increase the number of plants available  to fill the garden bed.
Not often for sale


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