Salvia 'Alegria' ( darcyi x microphylla)

Salvia ‘Alegria’ ( darcyi x microphylla)

Salvia ‘Alegria’ : ( darcyi x microphylla) Is a small subshrub 60cmH.  A seedling X between S. darcyi  and microphylla  parents, with large crimson flowers for full sun.
Salvia 'Alegria' ( darcyi x microphylla)
Salvia ‘Alegria’

Flowers are large, red to crimson microphylla type flowers on long flower stems. These can colour in the summer light. Calyces are covered with very fine hairs. They often appear quite dark in the height of summer.Flowering can occur most of the year, until it’s time to tidy the plant.
Leaves are large, mid green, triangular shaped with a truncate base, well veined with neat crenulated edges.

Salvia ‘Alegria’ is a tough, hardy summer subshrub that can be clipped to neaten. It makes a good show in the front of the bed  with their long stems of crimson flowers wafting above the foliage. Multiple flower stems appear which gives the plant a nice shrubby appearance. These like all microphylla types should be planted in a sunny position. A wonderful sight when grown en masse.

Like most of these brightly coloured flowers, bees, butterflies and other insects love visiting these flowers. This is a nice small shrub to liven up the garden with such colourful bright flowers.

At the end of summer/ autumn, the spent stems  need to be tidied and removed as well as any dead wood or weak  stems.  It is a very neat shrub, which may spread gradually.
Salvia ‘Alegria’ is easy to grow, tolerating most soils and most situations. Tough and hardy during the summer months, especially if mulched to keep the root area cool. Tolerating the winter cold and light frosts, it makes this Salvia a good all year round plant for most gardens.

Propagated easily from tip cuttings taken at any time of the year.

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