Salvia adenophora

Salvia adenophora: is a tall arching shrub 3mH from Mexico with bright red flowers in Winter.

Salvia adenophora


S. adenophora:  A tall, willowy, arching Salvia , often reaching 3m.
Normally this Salvia grows very high up on the mountain in cool rainforest conditions. Flowering mainly in the winter,  it can remain flowering throughout spring  and into early summer..

Flowers are small, vermilion, with green calyces, having small fat tubular corollas  with  the bottom lip  curling under. These appear  all along the end of the arching flowering stem. The birds enjoy trying to penetrate the corolla to find the nectar.
Leaves are a darkish green broad cordate shape with an elongated tip and crenations along the margins. The leaves are slightly hairy and rough to touch.

Due to its arching habit, Salvia adenophora  is best to planted at the back of the bed or in the middle where it can use other shrubs for support.  Best grown in a sunny sheltered position or at least in a semi shaded area with the protection of tall deciduous trees.

Although  quite hardy during the dry summer months, it will benefit  from being well mulched to keep the root area cool, but it may require some water during the summer months. Generally it is winter hardy but can be frost tender.

A very lovely and interesting Salvia to have in the background of the garden to provide so much  colour in winter , especially with small honey eaters flitting through the plant .
After it has finished flowering, it is best to cut  down the old stems,  close to the ground, leaving any new growth to to begin the clump again. This can be done in early summer.It is at this stage when pruned down that the size of the clump should be considered, digging out any growth that is not wanted.
Tip cuttings are easily taken, most times of the year.

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