Flowering Seasons

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Flowering  Seasons

Salvia flowering times can vary, depending on the season, climate and the area in which the Salvias are growing. There may well be a difference between the flowering times of country Victoria and the gardens in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. What ever your location, there will always be  some Salvias in flower.  Select your season or month to find what is flowering when.

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africana africana africana
aurea aurea aurea
‘African Skies’ ’African Skies’ ’African Skies’
‘Anthony Parker’ ’Anthony Parker’ ’Anthony Parker’
‘Black Knight’ ‘Black Knight’ arizonica
blepharophylla blepharophylla buchananii
canariensis chamaedryoides chamaedryoides
chamaedryoides chamelaeagnea chamelaeagnea
chamelaeagnea ‘Christine Yeo’ ‘Christine Yeo’
‘Christine Yeo’ chiapensis coahulensis
chiapensis coahulensis coccinea vars
coahulensis coccinea vars confertiflora
coccinea vars confertiflora corrugata
confertiflora corrugata ‘Costa Rican Blue’
corrugata disermas chiapensis
disermas dolimitica discolor
dolimitica gesneriiflora disermas
gesneriiflora gesneriifolia var’Tequila’ dolimitica
gesneriiflora var’Tequila’ greggii vars gesneriiflora
greggii vars flocculosa gesneriiflora var ‘Tequila’
flocculosa ‘Harmony’ greggii vars
‘Harmony’ ‘Hot Lips’ flocculosa
‘Hot Lips’ ‘IndigoSpires’ ‘Harmony’
‘IndigoSpires’ lanceolata ‘Hot Lips’
lanceolata leucantha ‘Joan’
leucantha ‘Joan’ lanceolata
‘Joan’ ‘Marine Blue’ leucantha
‘Marine Blue’ microphylla vars ‘Marine Blue’
microphylla vars ‘Mystic Spires’ microphylla vars
‘Mystic Spires’ muellerii ‘Mystic Spires’
muellerii muirii muellerii
muirii patens muirii
scabra ‘Phyllis Fancy’ patens
subrotunda subrotunda ‘Phyllis Fancy’
uliginosa uliginosa uliginosa
viscosa viscosa ‘VanHoutii
waverly waverly waverly
‘Wendy’s Wish’ ‘Wendy’s Wish’ ‘Wendy’s Wish’



aethiopsis ‘African Sky’ africana syn A. caerulea
‘African Sky’ arizonica ‘African Sky’
aurea syn Africana-lutea azurea ‘Bethellii’
arizonica ‘Bethellii’ buchananii
azurea buchananii chamaedryoides
‘Bethelii’ chamaedryoides chamelaeagnea
broussonettii chamelaeagnea chiapensis
buchananii chiapensis ‘Christine Yeo’
chamaedryoides ‘Christine Yeo’ coccinea var
chamelaeagnea coccinea var ‘Costa Rican Blue’
‘Christine Yeo’ corrugata discolor
coccinea var ‘Costa Rican Blue’ elegans pineapple
corrugata discolor flocculosa
‘Costa Rican Blue’ disermas ‘Harmony’
chiapensis elegans pineapple ‘Hot Lips’
disermas gesneriiflora ‘IndigoSpires’
gesneriiflora gesneriiflora var ‘Tequila’ ‘Joan’
gesneriiflora var’Tequila’ greggii vars ‘Marine Blue’
greggii ‘Bicolor’ ‘Harmony’ ‘Meigan’s Magic’
‘Harmony’ ‘Hot Lips’ mexicana’Limelight’
‘Hot Lips’ ‘IndigoSpires’ mexicana ‘Lolly’
‘IndigoSpires’ ‘Joan’ microphylla vars
‘Joan’ leucantha muellerii
leucantha ‘Marine Blue’ murii
‘Marine Blue’ microphylla vars ‘MysticSpires’
microphylla vars muellerii polystachya
muellerii muirii purberula
muirii MysticSpires’ ‘Purple Majesty’
‘MysticSpires’ nubicola semiatrata
nubicola polystachya scuttellariodes
patens subrotundra subrotundra
subrotundra scabra scabra
‘Van Houttii’ ‘Van Houttii’ ‘Van Houttii’
Waverly’ Waverly’ Waverly’
‘Wendy;s Wish’ ‘Wendy;s Wish’


adenophora ‘Black Knight’ ‘Black Knight’
‘Bethellii’ cacaliifolia cacaliifolia
‘Black Knight’ chiapensis ‘Christine Yeo’
chiapensis ‘Christine Yeo’ coahulensis
‘Christine Yeo’ coahulensis coccinea vars
coahulensis ‘Cookie’ concolor
coccinea vars ‘Costa Rican Blue’ ‘Costa Rican Blue’
‘Cookie’ ‘Desley’ Desley’
‘Costa Rican Blue’ elegans pineapple elegans pineapple
darcyi roscida syn fallax roscida syn fallax
‘Desley’ flocculosa flocculosa
discolor flocculosa flocculosa
elegans pineapple gesneriiflora gesneriiflora
roscida syn fallax gerneriiflora. var’Tequila’ gesneriiflora. var’Tequila’
flocculosa Hot Lips’ ‘Hot Lips’
‘Harmony’ involucrata spp involucrata spp
‘Hot Lips’ Inv.’Mulberry Jam’ inv.’Mulberry Jam’
nv.’Pink Icicles’ Inv.’Pink Icicles’ inv.’Pink Icicles’
‘Joan’ iodantha inv.’Romantic Rose’
‘Marine Blue’ ‘Joan’ Inv.’Timboon Red’
‘Meigan’s Magic’ macrophylla iodantha
mellisiodora ‘Marine Blue’ ‘Joan’
mexicana’Limelight’ ‘Meigan’s Magic’ karwinskii
mexicana ‘Lolly’ mellisiodora macrophylla
microphylla vars mexicana major ‘Marine Blue’
muellerii mexicana ‘Alba’ ‘Meigan’s Magic’
Mystic Spires’ muellerii mellisiodora
‘Navajo Purple’ ‘Navajo Purple’ microphylla vars
‘Phyllis Fancy’ ‘Phyllis Fancy’ ‘Navajo Purple’
puberula adenophora syn pulchella ‘Phyllis Fancy’
‘Purple Majesty’ puberula adenophora syn pulchella
semiatrata ‘Purple Majesty’ ‘Purple Majesty’
scuttellariodes semiatrata semiatrata
subrotundra scuttellariodes scuttellariodes
univerticillata subrotundra subrotundra
‘Van Houttii’ ‘Van Houttii’ univerticillata
‘Wendy’s Wish’ ‘Wendy’s Wish’ ‘Wendy’s Wish’


adenophora adenophora argentea
‘Black Knight’ apiana aethiopsis
coahulensis ‘Blackknight’ ‘Anthony Parker’
‘Costa Rican Blue’ coahulensis blepharophylla
discolor chamaedryoides broussonettii
dorisiana desoleana canariensis
flocculosa dorisiana desoleana
fruticosa eiggii dolomitica
gesneriifolia forskaohlei eiggii
gesne g. var’Tequila’ fruticosa forskaohlei
greggii vars gesneriiflora gesneriiflora
‘Hot Lips’ gesneriifolia. var’Tequila’ gesneriifolia. var’Tequila’
involucrata spp greggii vars greggii vars
 ‘Hadspen’ ‘Hot Lips’ ‘Greek Skies’
 ‘Pink Icicles’  ‘Pink Icicles’ ‘Harmony’
 ‘Romantic Rose’  ‘Romantic Rose’ ‘Hot Lips’
 ‘Timboon Red’  ‘Timboon Red’ karwinskii
iodantha iodantha leucantha vars
‘Joan’ ‘Joan’ leucophylla
karwinskii karwinskii microphylla vars
leucantha vars leucantha vars miniata
lyrata leucophylla nemerosa vars
Marine Blue’ microphylla vars officinalis vars
microphylla vars nemerosa vars pratensis vars
nemerosa vars pratensis vars repens
pratensis vars ‘Purple Majesty’ romeriana
adenophora syn pulchella rumicifolia rubescens
‘Purple Majesty’ sclarea scabra
rumicifolia sagittata spathacea
sagittata superba vars staminea
semiatrata subrotundra superba vars
superba vars sylvestris vars subrotundra
subrotundra transylvanica sylvestris vars
sylvestris vars uliginosa transylvanica
uliginosa verticilliata vars uliginosa
univerticillata wagneriana wagneriana
verticilliata vars waverly waverly
wagneriana Wendy;s Wish’ ‘Wendy’s Wish’


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  1. Lots of Salvias in flower any month of the year – so much to choose from with the tall Winter flowering varieties in blue, pinks, red and yellow, to all those vibrant never ending small shrubs, again in so many colours that they will always fit in and balance any garden colour theme. There really is a Salvia for every garden, no matter the position, whether it is for shade, semi shade, a sunny sheltered position, full sun or for those really hardy sunbaked position that nothing seems to grow – Salvias will grow there.

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