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Seed Disclaimer:

Although we try to insure the purity of the seed listed, we cannot guarantee that the seed will come true to form.  Be aware that Salvia species can cross with other Salvias, especially in the case of the greggii / microphylla cultivars. Most bicolour Salvias  DON’T come true, most revert to the  colour of one of the parents

Seedlings happen in gardens quite often, so look for  differences in these seedlings.  Be very selective and check for duplication of what Salvias are already existing and what is very similar to other Salvias  being promoted.

This selection process is to prevent confusion, as so many look the same or have similar names.
Please check the website : pages on Plant identification, New Salvias, the greggii & microphylla page  and the various lists throughout the site.

Any plant that produces seed has the potential to become a weed in an ideal environment, but few gardens have ideal soil. Most gardeners enjoy self seeding plants and all Salvias are easily pulled out from areas where they are not wanted. Very rarely are they ever a pest.

We do NOT sell noxious Salvia  weeds or pest species eg. S. verbenacea

Seed Germination Tips:

Often some seeds can be difficult to germinate without a little help.

Sow seed in Spring to Autumn,  sow seed into pots with a very good seed raising mix. Sow seed directly on top of soil, DON’T cover with soil, Salvias need light to germinate. Cover pot with fly wire to protect germinating seed from the ‘Midnight Munches’.

Water either with a dose of Epsom Salts – 1tsp in 1 Lt spray bottle, allow the mixture to dissolve, then spray immediately after sowing, then again once or twice before they germinate. The magnesium helps to overcome the dormancy.

Smokey Water,  and Smoked Vermiculite:
Smokey water and Vermiculite are often used to help germination in the form of diluted Regen 2000 Smoke Water solution  and  Regen Smoked Vermiculite . These are  available as Regen Germinator  both  from Grayson Australia in Bayswater Vic.
This is often used by Nurseries and Botanic Gardens  to help overcome the dormancy  in some very difficult seeds.


Salvia Seed Available:
All seed on the Seed Listing is collected annually and sourced locally from collector’s gardens each season.

Payment for seed ordered can be by either a cheque , by Direct Deposit or PayPal. To make the order worthwhile, the order must be $12.00 Aust. or more.

Overseas buyers: Check with local authorities if seed is allowed to enter. If so are there any conditions?  Please check before placing an order.

Seed will be sent as soon as possible from when the order is received.
See instructions on seed raising in the propagation notes.
Please see the seed order form below.
Seed is listed in order of colour.

Salvia Seed Available

Red  & Crimson Salvias

S. ‘Baby Sage (microphylla): A small rounded bush 40cmH

Salvia microphylla 'Baby Sage'S. ‘Baby Sage is a tough hardy small shrub for full sun. Ideal for a large pot on a balcony, patio or edging along a path.
Both flowers and leaves are small, making it perfect for shaping into a bun/ dome.


S. ‘Red Beacon’: A good  red microphylla type 60cmH for  full sun

Salvia 'Red Beacon'
Salvia ‘Red Beacon’


S.’ Red Beacon’ : Grows well in most soils. Loves the sun. Tough hardy for summer and winter cold. Flowers most of year. grow in the front of the bed for a reliable bright border plant.

Blue / Purple/Mauve

S. canariensis: A medium sized shrub 1.5m-2mH for a sunny position.

Salvia canariensisS. canariensis is a good shrub for the middle of the bed or as a background shrub for a full sun position.
Grey leaves and mauve flowers for long periods over the summer season. A good tough and hardy shrub for hot dry positions.

S. canariensis var candissima: a medium sized shrub 1.2 – 1.5mH for a sunny position

Salvia canariensis var candissimaS. canariensis var candissima has grey woolly leaves and wonderful mauve flowers over the summer season.
Tough and hardy for a full sun position.



S. ‘Celestial Blue’: a small shrub for a full sun position 60cmH with sky blue flowers and fragrant leaves.

Salvia 'Celestial Blue'
Salvia ‘Celestial Blue’

S. ‘Celestial Blue’ is a shrub from California. Tough hardy for summer heat, winter cold and frost hardy. Beautiful sky blue flowers in summer in compound whorls around the stem. When flowers have finished, these whorls of calyces remain until cut down.
Leaves are grey and nicely fragrant. A clevelandii x leucophylla  hybrid. Easier to grow than both parents.

S. forskaolhei: A herbaceous perennial. Purple flower spikes in spring

Salvia forskaolheiS. forskaolhei has large leaves and flowers spikes 30-40cmH spring / summer. Likes a shady position under trees or along a path. Can self seed, but easy to pull out when young.

S. lyrata : A herbaceous clumping perennial 20cmH

Salvia lyrataS. lyrata  ( Green  leaf variety) – This is a small clumping perennial, excellent for a border plant. It is mainly grown for it’s leaves than for it’s flowers. The green variety produces large broad leaves about 6 – 8 cm x 4 -6 cm, these have lovely dark lyre markings along the veins. The dark leaf variety has a reddish underside, making a lovely leafy plant for the border. Both varieties send up many stems to 20 – 30 cm and produce copious amounts of seed. The flowers on both are a pale blue, the flowers  are often gone before they are seen,but produce interesting seed  heads.

S. macrophylla Low Form ( Tingo Blue) : an upright shrubby perennial 1mH with bright blue flowers in spring and summer.

Salvia macrophylla

S. macrophylla Low Form ( Tingo Blue) is the small form of S.macrophylla, with large leaves, bright blue flowers for a sunny/semi shaded position.


S. nemorosa ‘Caradonna’: a herbaceous perennial, mauve/ purple  flowers 60cmH

Salvia nemerosa 'Caradonna'S. nemerosa ‘Caradonna’ produces many stems of full of purple flowers. Plant in full sun, flowering in spring and summer. Good border plant. Winter dormant.



S. nemorosa ‘East Friesland’ : a herbaceous perennial, 60cmH, with mauve/purple flowers in Spring.

Salvia nemorosa 'East Friesland'
Salvia nemorosa ‘East Friesland’

S.’East Friesland’ is winter dormant. Makes a great  border plant along a path or in groups of 3 or 5 in a meadow setting.  Flowering in spring and summer; forming a basal rosette clump of leaves, send up many stems of mauve/ purple flowers. Attractive to bees and butterflies.


S. nemorosa ‘spp tesquicola’ : a herbaceous perennial 60-80cmH, with purple spikes in spring and summer.

Salvia nemorosa 'Tesquicola'
Salvia nemorosa ‘Tesquicola’

S. nemorosa spp ‘Tesquicola‘: is a taller variety to 80cmH, producing many spikes of purple flowers and crimson bracts throughout summer. Bees enjoy these flowers


S. nilotica: a small clumping perennial 30cmH for a sunny position.

Salvia niloticaS. nilotica is ideal for a rockery, small clumping with upright flower heads of small blue flowers in spring and summer. Has been known to self seed.



S. roscida : A tall bushy shrub for screening 2-3mH with pale blue spikes of flowers in spring.

Salvia roscida
Salvia roscida

S. roscida: is a good screening shrub with dense foliage, tall, erect and bushy that can be pruned to any height. The pale blue spikes of flowers are very attractive to bees



S. scabra: a small subshrub from Sth Africa with long mauve flowers.

Salvia scabraS. scabra is a tough hardy small shrub for a full sun position. Good as an edging plant along a pathway or in a rockery.
Can self seed easily



S. scutellarioides :  a prostrate groundcover 10cmH with bright blue flowers.

Salvia scuttelarioides
Salvia scuttelarioides


S. scutellarioides: is a groundcover that scuttles beneath shrubs. Loves shade, perfect for those bare areas beneath a tree where nothing else will grow.beautiful bright blue flowers in spring and summer.


S. somalensis: an erect  medium shrub 1-1.5mH for full sun with spikes of pale blue flowers.

Salvia somaliensis
Salvia somaliensis


somaliensis: is a tough, hardy shrub for a sunny position. Flowers in spring through to autumn. Long leaves have a sagey fragrance.


S. stepposa : A herbaceous perennial 30cmH with clear mauve flowers spring / summer for a sunny position.

Salvia stepposaS.stepposa has lovely spikes of mauve flowers in spring throughout summer. Makes a good small clump in an informal border for a sunny position. Winter dormant.


S. superba ‘Enid’: A herbaceous perennial 40cmH, with mauve/ purple flowers in early summer.

Salvia superba 'Enid'
Salvia superba ‘Enid’

S. superba ‘Enid’: is winter dormant. Makes a great  border plant along a path or in groups of 3 or 5 in a meadow setting.  Flowering in spring and summer; forming a basal rosette clump of leaves, send up many stems of mauve/ purple flowers. Attractive to bees and butterflies.

S. x sylvestris ‘Tanzarin’: A herbaceous perennial, 40-60cm H with mauve/purple flowers in spring,

Salvia sylvestris 'Tanzarin'
Salvia sylvestris ‘Tanzarin’

S. x sylvestris ‘Tanzarin’ is a lovely Salvia as an edging  or in an informal border. Wonderful if planted en masse.



S. virgata: A herbaceous perennial 60cmH with mauve spikes of flowers in early summer.

Salvia virgata
Salvia virgata

S. virgata: A very attractive upright plant. Best planted as a border. A good display if masse planted. Bees love this Salvia. Grow in full sun.


Pink Salvias

S. chiapensis : A small tropical looking Salvia 1mH for shade or sun.

Salvia chiapensis
Salvia chiapensis

S.chiapensis is a small bushy shrub with cerise flowers that flowers all year. Perfect for dappled sun/shade. Easy to grow.



S. lanceolata: is a small Sth African shrub 1mH with mushroom pink flowers.

Salvia lanceolataS. lanceolata is another tough hardy shrub from Sth Africa. Small grey leaves and large mushroom pink flowers in early spring and summer. Interesting vase shaped calyces.

 S_leucophylla:  Tough hardy, open shrub 1m

Salvia leucophylla  S.leucophylla: A tough hardy small shrub from  California. Lineal grey lvs and whorls of pink flowers around the stem. Lvs have a medicinal smell. Parent to ‘Celestial Blue’. Full sun, good drainage. 

S. nemorosa ‘Amethyst’; A herbaceous perennial 60cmH with pale pink flowers in summer.

Salvia nemorosa 'Amethyst'
Salvia nemorosa ‘Amethyst’

Salvia nemorosa  ‘Amethyst’ produces many stems of full of pale pink flowers. Plant in full sun, flowering in spring and summer. Good border plant. Winter dormant.


S. spathacea: A groundcover  with scented large spathe types leaves

Salvia spathaceaS. spathacea: needing a sunny area, to provide a dense ground cover. scented large leaves and beautiful tall crimson flower spikes in spring. Expands by underground stems, but certainly not a weed. Easy to pull out where not wanted.


S. viscosa: is a herbaceous perennial 20- 40cmH with small maroon flowers in summer.

Salvia viscosaS. viscosa is a lovely small plant for the front of the border or in a rockery. Lobed leaves make a neat clump. Long flowering stems appear in summer with lots of small maroon flowers that are beautifully marked. Winter dormant.

White & Yellow Salvias


S.aethiopis: A herbaceous perennial 60cmH with large serrated lobed leaves and white flowers in summer.

Salvia aethiopisS.aethiopis: an interesting plant with the large flat serrated lobed leaves and white flower spikes in summer. A full sun position for the  front of the bed. Wonderful if masse planted. Bees and butterflies are attracted to these flowers.


S.apiana: A upright perennial 80cm-1mH with fragrant grey leaves and white flowers.

Salvia apianaS.apiana:  needs a full sun position and good drainage. It is often difficult to grow. Lovely white butterfly flowers in summer through to autumn.



S. aurita var galpinii: is an arching groundcover 30cmH with lovely lobed leaves and very small white flowers.

Salvia aurita var auritaS. aurita var galpinii produces long arching branches, rooting where the branches touch the ground, forming a good ground cover. Excellent on banks or in windy areas for soil stabilization. Lovely lobed leaves are the main feature, with tiny white flowers in summer/ autumn.


S. disermas ‘Slimline’ Shrubby upright Perennial 40-60cmHwith fragrant leaves for a full sun position.

Salvia disermas 'Slimline' S. disermas ‘Slimline’ syn rugosa: A small clumping plant for a  hot sunny position. Numerous flower stems with small white flowers in whorls. A favorite with bees and insects. Slim green/grey leaves, slightly hairy with soft crenations along the edges. Tough and hardy.

S.staminea: is a herbaceous perennial 10 -30cmH with white flowers in spring and summer for a sunny position.

Salvia staminea
Salvia staminea

S.staminea: is a herbaceous perennial 10 -30cmH with white flowers in spring and summer. Rosette clump with long thin leaves for a rockery or border for a sunny protected position.


S.mellifera : is a mid sized shrub 1.2-1.5mH,from California with highly scented leaves, often used as smudge sticks.

Salvia mellifera
Salvia mellifera

S. mellifera: Leaves are very aromatic, white / pale blue flowers in spring / summer, very tough, hardy for dry summer heat. Needs good drainage, full sun.



Yellow &Orange Salvias

S. aurea: A tough, hardy shrub from Sth Africa 1.5-2mH with terracotta coloured flowers.

Salvia aureaS. aurea can have grey or green coloured leaves. Tough hardy for hot dry summers, winter cold and tolerates frost. Flowers appear in spring. Clips very well into a ball or hedge.



S. aurea ‘Green Ginger’: is an upright small shrub 1mH for full sun.

Salvia aurea 'Green Ginger'
Salvia aurea ‘Green Ginger’

 S. aurea ‘Green Ginger’ is a bushy small plant to 1mH with grey leaves and orange flowers in spring. The calyces are vase shaped and green. Clips well into a hedge or a ball. Grow in the front or middle of a bed.
A very tough hardy plant for summer heat, winter cold and tolerates frost.


S. aurea ‘Silver Lady’, a bushy shrub to 1.2m H with silver leaves and terracotta flowers.

Salvia aurea 'Silver Lady'
Salvia aurea ‘Silver Lady’

S.aurea ‘Silver Lady’ is a bushy grey shrub. The branches form a layering  effect. This clips well, so makes a good ball, square or small hedge. Tough and hardy for summer heat, winter cold, tolerating frosts.





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