Tall Salvias

Tall Salvias

Tall Salvias

Although most of these tall Salvias come from hot humid countries in South America, many originate from high up in the mountains, coming from “cool rainforest areas” or “Cloud Forests”.

Salvia 'Follet's Folley'
Salvia ‘Follett’s Folley’

Due to the amount of day light these Salvias receive, they flower in the cooler months starting in Autumn and continuing through Winter until late Spring. There are a few that flower on and off for the whole year.

These taller Salvias will grow anything from 1.5m up to 4 m. They are excellent for screening purposes e.g neighbours, fences or unsightly sheds etc.., depending on their habit of growth. There are some that grow straight and narrow, someĀ  come out to greet you, while others might be bushy and dense or might have a vase shape or a typical pyramid growth shape.

Although all of these can be grown out in a sunny area, they will need protection from wind – they will snap easily. They need protection from frost, so are best grown in a sunny protected position. They don’t like the heat of summer nor are they as drought resistant as many other Salvias, so they will need a little more water than some hardier species. It is best to grow them on the East or on the South side of your house where it is generally cooler.

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