Difficult Salvias

Difficult Salvias to propagate

                               Difficult Salvias

There are quite a few Salvias that are difficult to propagate, to grow and keep.

Salvia apiana
Salvia apiana

Many of these come from the Californian area. With many of these Salvias, cuttings should be taken  from new growth, “when the sap is flowing.”
Some Salvias have hollow stems which also proves difficult.

Some from a desert environment prove difficult to keep during the winter months , especially in a damp season. Drainage and moisture  must be monitored.

Some Asian rosette types are hard to keep alive, often this is caused by the drainage not being good enough. Many of these particular Salvias originate from screes, rocky outcrops or by streams, so drainage is an important part of growing  these Salvias.

Often it’s difficult to take “slips”or offshoots from some rosette types. They often have  better results from being propagated by seed.

Others may be targeted by certain insects when stressed by hot weather.

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