Salvia radula

Salvia radula

Salvia radula:   is a small upright clumping perennial  60cmH with  pure white  coloured flowers in summer and autumn.

Salvia radula
Salvia radula

Coming from South Africa, Salvia radula  is generally an very easy plant to grow in most full sun positions. Producing  multiple flowering stems, it will flower during summer and autumn.

Flowers: are pure white, a falcate type of flower with a curved hood, the stigma exerted from the top. All the bottom lobes are pure white.
Producing  multiple flowering stems, it will flower during summer and autumn.Flowers are held well above the foliage to attract passing bees , moths and insects

Calyces: are green and hairy, held in whorls of 6-8 flowers on hairy green stems.although the calyx is blunt, each lobe is pointed. Ribs are prominent with white or clear bristles. Calyces will remain on the stem when the flower has dropped, gradually becoming a straw colour.

Leaves: are grey green, narrow oblong, with fine crenations along the margins. Leaves are held at the base of the flower stems in a small clump. Well veined and fissure d in texture to gather any moisture which is directed down the stem and roots.

Grown in an open sunny position Salvia radula  will make a very attractive addition to the garden. It is this contrast of flower and calyx that makes the white of the flower stand out. This  adds a wow factor to the garden, especially if grown en masse.

Ideal for a all white themed garden. Perfect if grown in a gravel garden. Plant with other similar perennials or small shrubs that enjoy a full sun position.
Tough and hardy for the dry summer heat and winter cold and frosts.

When the flowers have finished, seed collected, the plant should be cleaned up, by cutting off the stems, cleaning away any dead or old leaves, feed and mulch well, making sure that any new shoots are not covered.

Propagation: either by seed or by taking young new shoots in spring.

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