Salvia 'Ignition Purple'

Salvia ‘Ignition Purple'( microphylla)

Salvia ‘Ignition Purple’: is a small subshrub 20-30cmH, with vibrant purple flowers during  the warmer months that enjoys a sunny position.

Salvia 'Ignition Purple'(microphylla)
Salvia ‘Ignition Purple’

Salvia ‘Ignition Purple’ is a neat small shrub for a sunny position.

Flowers: are a typical microphylla shape. A vibrant pink purple colour appearing in the warmer months. Although the flower stem is quite long, most of the flowers congregate at the top in small clusters above the foliage to attract bees and passing insects.

Calyces: are a dark green blue colour, ribbed with pointed lobes. Flowers are arranged in opposite pairs along the very dark flower stem.

Leaves: are mid green, a microphylla type leaf, being oblong to lanceolate, veins and midrib are clearly seen and rounded crenations along the margins.

Plant  S. ‘Ignition Purple’ with other vibrant coloured shrubs and perennials,especially cerise and white coloured plant, as each colour provides a good contrast to this purple Salvia.

As a microphylla type Salvia,  always plant in a sunny position either in the front of a garden bed or as an informal hedge along a walkway. This is a neat small shrub so is ideal plant to edge a pathway. Most microphylla plants are not fussy with soil, but they do prefer well drained position.

A tough hardy plant for the hot, dry summer months. It will endure the winter cold in the suburbs but not readily in cold pockets or in exposed sites.

When the main flowering season is ending, trim to neaten, taking out any dead or twiggy stems. Feed and mulch to keep the root area warm during winter and again before the hot weather begins.

Propagation: usually by tip cuttings taken in spring and summer from new growth.

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