Salvia 'Blue Note'

Salvia ‘Blue Note’ (greggii)

Salvia ‘Blue Note'( greggii): is a small bushy shrub 60 cm H, for a  full sun position with vivid blue/purple flowers for most of the year.
Salvia 'Blue Note'
Salvia ‘Blue Note’

Salvia ‘Blue Note’ flowers for most of the year. Bees can be seen buzzing around during summer and autumn.

Flowers: are a greggii type flower. The hood is a paler colour purple, almost white beneath. This is held very upright ,opening up the throat area as much as possible for bees to enter. There is a small white bee line around the throat area. the bottom lobes are the same colour purple. Flowering  most of the year on long thin green stems held above the foliage to attract passing insects.

Calyces: are a darker purple, ribbed with fine dark blue/purple hairs. Each lobe is thin with a pointed tip. Flowering  most of the year on long thin green stems held above the foliage. Being blue they attract the bees and other insects.

Leaves: are lineal, bright green, long and narrow with an entire edge. the stems are upright to create a bushy shrub. All stems are well clothed.

Salvia ‘Blue Note’ is best grown in a sunny position.This is a shrub that can show bright blue flowers or violet colours. It shows a lot of variance in colour depending on the light, the aspect and the acidity of the soil.
Grow with other vibrant yellow, white and pink coloured perennials. A good foil for other bright colours in the garden, contrasting well with whites and crimsons.

S.’Blue Note’  is a good small shrub that is tough,  hardy for the hot dry summer months, the  winter cold and able to withstand a light frost.

Cut back or trim at the end of autumn when most of the flowering has finished. Prune stems down to a good green bud. Take out any dead or twiggy stems, feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool for the summer months.

Propagation: usually by tip cuttings taken at any time of year.
Not readily available yet.



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