Salvia 'Blue Marvel'(superba)

Salvia ‘Blue Marvel’ ( superba)

Salvia  ‘Blue Marvel’ (superba): is a low  herbaceous Salvia , growing   20- 30 cm H, a compact plant with dark blue flowers in spring and summer.
Salvia 'Blue Marvel' (superba)
Salvia ‘Blue Marvel’

Salvia ‘Blue Marvel’ is a compact plant which will gradually form a good clump with many blue spires in summer

Flowers: are a bright dark blue , a falcate type of flower where the hood is a good blue/ purple and the lower lobes are white with  blue around the rim. The flowers are  clustered at the top of the flowering stem in whorls  giving the appearance of a very compact flower head.

Calyces: green, ribbed with the pointed tips being coloured on the exposed side. The pink bracts remain long after the flower has opened.
Leaves: are short, a mid green and slightly undulating with a short point at the apex.

Salvia ‘Blue Marvel’ is a lovely plant as a border along a path with  multiple stems creating a clump of bright blue flowers with bees buzzing all summer . This is a winning sight when mass planted.  Plant in a sunny position in good friable soil that is well drained.
The  shorter stems at the side, give the appearance of  many spires of blue flowers.

Grow S. ‘Blue Marvel’ with other small pink, crimson, white and even yellow groundcovers and perennials. Grow in the front of other taller perennials or in front of small hedges.

At the end of autumn as the plant is preparing to become winter dormant, cut flower stems down by half ( use these as an marker), clean out old leaves, mulch well to keep the crown warm over the cold winter months. Feed in spring when the new shoots begin to show.

Propagation: Cuttings can be taken in the spring from new growth, but this Salvia is mainly  grown from seed or by dividing clumps in Autumn.
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