Salvia 'Blue hills'

Salvia ‘Blue hills'(superba)

Salvia ‘Blue hills’ (superba) : is a low growing herbaceous Salvia, growing about 20 cm H with a rosette type growth and spires of sky blue flowers.
Salvia 'Blue hills' (superba)
Salvia ‘Blue hills’

Salvia ‘Blue Hills’ is another name for ‘Blauhugel’

Flowers: are pale blue, small falcate type flowers with the bracts falling of as the flower opens. There are numerous flowers on a spike 12-15 cm H. Many stems are produced on the one plant, coming up quickly for the short spring summer period. Flowering mid spring throughout the summer period and setting seed in autumn. Bees and other pollinating insects are readily attracted to these flowers.
Leaves: are short, lineal with a pointed apex, mid green with a rugose texture and small crenations long the edge. Growing in a rosette type growth, producing  one or two stem leaves beneath the flower which are small.

As this is a small herbaceous Salvia, it best to grow these along the edge of the bed in a sunny position. They will require regular watering  throughout the summer period.

Salvia ‘Blue hills’ plants are quite stunning when in full flower, especially if the clumps are allowed to grow to encompass the edge of the bed. You can hear the bees humming around the flowers. A good tough plant if mulched and planted in  good manured composted soil.

Propagation:Most plants are sown from seed as it take s most of the year to produce a sizable salable plant, so the building of stock is slow. But cuttings can be taken in late spring from new growth, before they begin to form buds.
Plants are occasionally available

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