Salvia greggii 'Adriana's Jewel'

Salvia ‘Adriana’s Jewel (greggii)

Salvia ‘Adriana’s Jewel (greggii): is a small bushy subshrub  40-60cmH with attractive red and pink flowers for most of the year.

Salvia 'Adriana's Jewel' (greggii)
Salvia ‘Adriana’s Jewel’

Salvia ‘Adriana’s Jewel’ is a very unusual  gorgeous bi coloured small shrub.

Flowers:  are a typical microphylla shape, with a pink furry  hood with a small stripe down the middle, matching the colour of the two side lobes and top half of the middle lobe. The bottom lobe is fringed with a beautiful red skirt with a slight split. A  small white beeline is seen at the throat to guide bees and insects further into the flower.

The bright pink colouring acts as a beacon to attract insects to the plant. Flowering mainly occurs from spring through summer and into autumn.

Calyces: are very dark, nicely ribbed with  long pointed lobes. Flowers are held in pairs along a long dark flowering stem, held above the foliage to attract passing insects.

Leaves: are a midgreen colour, long , and elongated with a round tip, more of a greggii shape with only the midrib showing, shiny and an entire edge.

Salvia ‘Adriana’s Jewel is a gorgeous bright flowering small shrub for any garden. Plant at the front of the bed with other small shrubs  that will compliment these pretty flowers.
Grow with other white, vivid blues and purple perennials in a full sun position. This is a tough hardy small shrub , tolerating the hot summer season, the winter cold and light frosts.

Pruning: At the end of summer or autumn, it is time to tidy the shape and prune back by half. Cut off any errand stems,growing in the wrong direction clean out any dead or twiggy stems. Cut back to good green buds. Feed and mulch to keep the root area warm during winter. Feed again in spring just before flowering begins and  top up the mulch  to keep the root area cool during the summer season.

Propagation: is easy from tip cuttings taken at any time of the year.


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