Salvias as hedges

Salvias actually make  very good hedges. Some of the small leaved Sth African and greggii types clip extremely well.

The grey/ blue leaves of the Sth African Salvias, eg. S. aurea, S. africana or S. lanceolata  make a lovely foil as a background hedge to 1mh, with the foreground having a bright ground cover or bright annuals used as a focal point.

Hedges can be used along the edges of paths to hide the trunks of trees or the unsightly area where nothing will grow.

Grow some of the smaller  Salvias, eg. murii or greggii ‘Raspberry Royale’, greggii ‘Alba ‘or other small varieties along an edge of a bed where something taller can poke out above and say “‘Here  I am”.

Many Salvias have a natural growth habit that lends itself to be able to clip into balls or boxes eg. ‘Baby Sage and ‘Miss Scarlet’ make excellent balls and ‘African sky’ will clip into a ball or box or any shape.

Use your imagination for a taller hedge behind  low growing plants or a smaller hedge in front of taller plants or hedges just to hide unsightly areas.

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