Pruning those tall Salvias

It’s time to prune those tall winter flowering Salvias.
Where to prune? The plants actually show you where to prune.

DON”T CUT DOWN TO THE GROUND.  Instead if you’ve pruned off the daggy flower heads, then those stems should be shooting again. At the same time there should be new growth happening at the base.

If you leave those new shoots on the cut stems, long enough, then you will have some nice cutting material. If not, then cut out the old stems , leaving the new growth to come up and grow for the summer.

If you still want some height, you can cut  the old stems down by a quarter or by a half and wait for the new shoots to arrive. It’s always a good idea to take out some of the old stems each year to prevent the clump for becoming too wide, especially in a small garden.

If your clump has grown too wide after you have pruned, then dig out some of the outside shoots, leaving the plant to concentrate on the shoots in the centre. At this stage, it’s always a good idea to place a few stakes around the plant with string to guide these new shoots upwards, preventing them from flopping in the wind and keeping the clump neat and tidy – this allows the stems to move in the wind without breaking and without the stems flopping over other plants and becoming a nuisance.

DON’T DIG OUT if you think the plant is too big, just reduce it to a manageable size  and enjoy the Salvia when it flowers next season. Don’t forget those tall Salvias are protecting other plants in your garden, providing a sheltered environment for other sensitive plants, they also attract the birds.

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