S.curviflora has it’s origins in Sth America

This a medium sized Salvia, growing to approx 1.2-1.5mH, with long linial leaves. This is a upright plant, making a good sized clump, well suited to the middle or back of the garden bed. It makes a good mid level screening plant to screen the fence or the neighbours.

As it forms a clump, it can spread a little, but not in a way that it becomes a nuisance or a weed, but just a nice clump.

It is very versitile as to where it will grow- either in a sunny sheltered position or in a semi shaded position. It’s proving to be  a great plant to grow in the dry shade under the eaves of a house. Not many plants will grow, survive and flourish in that position, but as long as it recieves enough light and moisture, then it will grow.

if planted in an exposed position, then it’s likel;y to  be frosted, but kept in a sheltered position, then S. curviflora should perform beautifully.

Flowers are a beautiful cerise, tubular with a slight curve, which is easily seen in the bud stage. The buds look like velvet. As seen in the photos, the flower head is very elegant which can make quite an impact. Flowering  in late winter through out Spring into Summer, the flowers make a good show and brighten up a dark corner.

Easily grown and struck readily from cuttings.

Although a collectors’ plant, it would readily fit in any garden, big or small.

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