New Salvias


This page will contain information about What’s New in the world of Salvias.

Salvias are always being discovered in gardens, here in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and overseas. Most of the new salvias coming in from overseas, come in via seed. Other new releases are from plants found in peoples’ gardens as a chance find, and others are specially grown for nursery releases.

The Salvias are placed  when they generally appeared in circulation, when they were given to the group.

Notes on recently introduced Salvias will appear on the photo

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‘Purple Jewel’                               ‘Cardinal’                           ‘Purple Passion’

‘Rosalie’                                        ‘Alice’


         ‘Firecracker’                      ‘Petardo’                             ‘Brittany’


‘Partytime’                              ‘Pearlescence’

”So Cool Violet’ PGA        ‘So Cool Lilac’ PGA    ‘So Cool Purple’ PGA
similar to’ Mesa Azure’                                                   similar to ‘Mesa Azure’

‘Blaise Shann’                             ‘Jo-Anne Shann’                  ‘Rowan Shann’

‘Kate Shann’                        cuatrecasana

‘Pink Sensation’                  ‘Blue Sensation’                                                    (Scotsburn)                               ( Scotsburn)

‘Celestial H. Blue’               ‘Celestial H.’Purple’


            ‘Annie B’                     paramiltiorrhiza             ‘Love and Wishes’

bullulata                         ‘Jane’s Delight’                   ‘Lolita’

‘Madeline’                            ‘Verona’


microphylla ‘Coconut Ice’

‘Boundary Creek’                     ‘Poppy Shann’               ‘Easter Bonnet’

‘Marshmallow’               ‘Pink Marshmallow’       ‘Palest Pink’

‘Candleglow’                          ‘Silas Dyson’














One thought on “New Salvias”

  1. New Salvias are appearing regularly through out the year, filtering down from QLD and NSW.
    Seedlings are found in gardens that are worth considering – only when they are sufficiently different from existing Salvias.
    Seed is raised from overseas growers, bringing in new species and varieties.
    Nurseries are always selecting newer, better, dwarf varieties, different colours that will suit the home gardener.
    Keep watching for new varieties and hybrids to appear

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