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The Winter edition of the, Salvia News ( our newsletter) is now available. Some great articles about the new Salvias that have just been promoted , some interesting garden visits coming up and of course we will be showcasing our Winter Flowering Salvias at the RHS’s Gardener’s Day Out in June. Check the Calendar for upcoming events.Don’t miss out on a visit to Elly Roose beautiful garden on Sat May 7th

As we’ve just had 3 very big selling days, I hope you haven’t missed out funding those Salvias that you’ve been wanting. If so please contact me either by email : [email protected] or by phone       Ph 98034534 to see what we can do.

As you can appreciate with these big selling days, we have sold out of many Salvia varieties and are having to restock the larder.

We will be having lots of Winter flowering Salvias for sale in June at the Gardener’s Day Out at Deakin University, so if you’ve missed out recently, come and obtain those Salvias that you’ve been wanting.


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